Family Days Rol Ryz and Soboriz : Behind the scenes.

Soboriz has recently inaugurated new facilities and Rol Ryz is celebrating its 25 anniversary. Both decided to open their doors and give employees’ families a tour of their plants.

The Rol Ryz 25th anniversary was celebrated with festivities for staff and their families. 180 people came on the factory tour to find out all about rice and to enjoy the various activities organised for the occasion.
With a picnic laid on, employees had a chance to spend time together in a different setting, and develop new relationships, with plenty of fun and enjoyment.
Staff teams said they would love to do it again !

Soboriz took the families to see how the industrial and logistics processes work and outlined the progress made over the past 3 years with the new silos and a logistics warehouse. Refreshments were provided for the 120 visitors at the end of the tour, in a friendly setting. Employees were proud to present their place of work and the product ranges. A great time was had by all.