Management of cookies

Web cookies, also known as browser cookies or HTTP cookies, are small, often encrypted, text files located in browser directories. They are used by web developers to help users efficiently browse their websites and perform certain actions.
We use cookies to facilitate browsing on our website. Cookies are stored on your computer’s hard drive to facilitate browsing and interactions with our website. They avoid having to re-enter any data required on each visit. However, your browser settings let you decide which cookies are stored on your hard drive and you can block all or some of them.
Find out more about cookies on the All About Cookies website.
We use cookies for 4 main reasons:
For user interaction with our website – for example, when making a donation or filling in a form, cookies inform you of where you are in the process, page by page.
For an improved user experience on our website – so that you only see a questionnaire once or to hide a form that you have already filled in.
For collecting anonymous data – it is very useful for us to know which webpages are viewed the most and how they are used.
For social media – if you use Facebook or Twitter, cookies facilitate interactions between our website and social media.
How to disable cookies
Most modern browsers let you disable cookies. This option is generally found under options, settings or preferences in the browser menu.