Our group works in the food industry
and environmental services.

We place people at the heart of our interests.
Trust, discussion and partnerships are at the heart of our relationships with customers, employees and all stakeholders in these sectors.
We believe in the power of entrepreneurial spirit and mutual trust.
We believe that we can all contribute to building the future by using our talent and determination.
We have a team of over 1000 employees with different cultures and talents, but shared values.
With you and for you, we are marbour.

« more than ever, marbour is placing the environment and people at the heart of its actions and business.

The sustainable development of our planet is our priority, with sustainable agriculture; respect for labourers; suppliers and subcontractors that do not use child labour; respect for the environment and respect for our customers’ health in both our products and packaging.
We need to manage water resources and limit pollution and the consumption of high-risk products. This is why we operate within a cycle of responsible, sustainable and rational services.
In the foods industry, technical developments have demonstrated the need for better controls on imported products (GMO and pesticide residue checks) to improve safety for our consumers.
We are adding this step to all our processes in response to this global challenge.
marbour is looking to grow while increasing the trust of all its stakeholders, including clients, consumers and staff.
marbour, leading with trust. »

Jean Bourdillon
President of marbour

marbour is a team of entrepreneurs at heart

This is about working together, in-house, with our clients, staff members and all stakeholders in our sectors.

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on track to meet new challenges

Develop healthier, more practical food for all.
Deploy environmental services to contribute to the local economy as part of our drive for continuous improvement and sustainable development.

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Our values

Our values bring us together across our different cultures and countries. They help us to create an atmosphere of trust that promotes open-mindedness, innovation, empowerment and mutual support so that we can go further together.

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200M€ CA 2019
+ de 1000 employees
18 companies

A pioneering company

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We draw on our strong values to establish a clear framework for constructive and transparent collaboration with our internal and external partners for Foods or Environmental Services.

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