We draw on our strong values to establish a clear framework for constructive and transparent collaboration with our internal and external partners for Foods or Environmental Services.

Governance that secures the value we create

Governance at marbour is built on a long-term vision of shared responsibility.
It consists of the procedures, rules and structures implemented to ensure the transparency of our operations and fair relationships with our staff and partners.

Our governance is based on 3 key points

  1. Effective managerial governance with an expert, independent and diverse Board of Directors and Executive Committee that shares the same vision for implementing our strategy.

  2. Social governance that places Corporate Social Responsibility at marbour at the heart of our activities. It underpins all our initiatives and plays a key role in our development strategy.

  3. Ethical governance that aims for each of us to adopt a responsible attitude to current regulations and rules applicable to our industries, and correct behaviour in our professional relationships between colleagues, clients and suppliers.

Chacun d’entre nous s’engage à respecter les principes d’intégrité et de bonne gouvernance dans la conduite de ses activités au sein de marbour.

Sylvie Armengaud
Direction Financière

Management Committee

Our production sites are located across a number of countries, requiring us to adapt our structure to this decentralised management. We are first and foremost entrepreneurs and our management system is based on accountability, independent working and commitment.

  • Jean Bourdillon
    Senior Management
  • Chantal De Palmas
    Senior Management
  • Étienne Selosse
    Senior Management
  • Sébastien Bourdillon
    Delegated Senior Management
    Industrial Department
  • Sylvie Armengaud
    Financial Department

Board of Directors

We have opted for an open management structure with three non-executive directors, renowned for their experience in managing international groups. This choice is in keeping with our group’s main aims of development and accountability. Their presence on the Board of Directors broadens our horizons, challenges us and encourages us to be constantly open to new possibilities.

  • Jean Bourdillon
    Senior Management
  • Chantal De Palmas
    Senior Management

  • Jacques Pfister
    Non-Executive Director
    Former Chairman of Marseille-Provence Chamber of Commerce
    Director of Ricard SA
    Former CEO of Orangina-Schweppes
  • Christian Munier
    Non-Executive Director
    Director of Chantier Piriou, Regusse and CDM2
    Former Deputy Chief Executive of the Bourbon Group
  • Denis Gasquet
    Non-Executive Director
    Chairman of ONET Management Board