J M Packaging, FEI Foods introduce new recyclable stand-up pouch

The new sustainable stand-up pouch, which is claimed to be the first of its kind, is available in major UK and European supermarkets

J M Packaging and FEI Foods have introduced new recyclable stand-up pouch. (Credit: J M Packaging)

Flexible packaging solutions provider J M Packaging has collaborated with FEI Foods to introduce recycle-ready, mono-material and ready-to-heat stand-up pouch.

The new retort-ready pouch, which is available in major UK and European supermarkets, also features all the mechanical properties of a conventional stand-up pouch.

Claimed to be the first of its kind in the industry, the new packaging offers consumers and food manufacturers a product that can be retorted, ready-to-heat and recyclable, said the company.

J M Packaging managing director Jason McGill said: “Throughout this project we have illustrated our commitment to the circular economy, focusing on optimising flexible packaging to minimise the impact on the environment, whilst offering convenience and food safety to the consumer.

“We’re proud to bring the first mono-material, recycle-ready, ready–to–heat pouch to the market and thank our team and partners FEI Foods for their support to help make this happen.”

FEI has worked with JMP to develop a recycle-ready mono-material pouch to address sustainability and environmental issues.

With the same pouch size, shape and function as current packs, the new stand-up pouch also offers customers with food-safety, ease of use, convenience and multiple environmental benefits.

FEI Foods managing director Simon Lewis said: “Quality and innovation are at the forefront of our DNA at FEI Foods. As a market leader in this category in Europe, it was imperative that we led the way in developing a recycle-ready pouch.

“We are determined to provide the most sustainable product possible, and the development of this pouch has been a key strategic objective for us for some years.”